Delicious Scottish Foods That Everyone Should Try

If you are ever lucky enough to find yourself in the beautiful country of Scotland then you will find yourself having a lot to do. From the wonderful castles, beautiful beaches and many golf courses there is always something to visit. One thing you will need to do when in the country though – is eat. What better way to treat yourself than to have some traditional Scottish foods while in the country? Sure there are restaurants of every kind in the country but trying the local dishes will give you the full experience. These are some of the foods everyone should try:


To an outsider, Haggis doesn’t sound appetising at all. It is made of sheep liver, lung and heart mixed together with different spices, salt, oatmeal, suet and onion all packaged inside the sheep’s stomach lining. Now as unappealing as that sounds – it has to be tasted to be believed. One of the most delicious dishes in the country it is sold in nearly every restaurant, shop and chippy across the country.

Neeps & Tatties

Neeps are turnips, tatties are potatoes. Put these two together and you have a scrumptious Scottish dish. They are traditionally served with haggis as a trio but can work just as well on their own. If you add chives and butter to the dish then you will be left with Orkney’s favourite dish.

Scottish Salmon

Scottish salmon is probably one of the most famous and available types of food across the globe. This is because it is the highest quality fish. The fresh water of Scotland is the perfect breeding ground for salmon, making it taste all that much better. While you can get this dish across the world, you won’t find it as fresh or high quality anywhere else.


From your basic supermarket porridge, to the premium restaurant stuff – it is always delicious. This thick, oaty dish is perfect for breakfast or lunch. Most commonly used as a breakfast in the country, millions wake up each day and start with a bowl of porridge.

Full Scottish Breakfast

This Scottish foods is exactly the same as a full English breakfast – but with an added punch. You also get black pudding, Lorne sausage and tattie scones alongside the usual suspects. Touted as a perfect hangover cure, this is served all day long in most places.

Scottish Foods: Tablet

If sugary treats are your thing then tablet is perfect for you. It is sugar, butter and condensed milk cooked together until they are crystallised. You’ll find this treat all over the country in most shops and is certain to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Fish Supper

If you only have one Scottish dish on your travels then make it this one. Head down to any chip shop and ask for a fish supper. You’ll get a delightfully crisp and flaky battered fish alongside some of the tastiest chips you’ll ever eat. Some places will even have a special chippy sauce that you won’t get anywhere else in the world.

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