Electric Golf Carts – Our Guide

Last year as a restaurant we all decided to do a round of golf. The majority of us had little to no golfing experience and weren’t really familiar with the ins and the outs of the sport. In this guide we will explain what we learnt from our round of gold and in particular the many benefits we found from electric golf carts.



Golfing With Electric Golf Carts

When we initially arrived at the golf course we made the staff at the club aware that we had some people in our group that had mobility issues. We were quickly accommodated and had lunch and when we began the golf we were given three electric golf carts to help us get around the course. This was a great help and illustrates how the club went over and above to help us out.

What Are Electric Golf Carts?

Electric golf carts are form of transport which are often found at golf courses but are increasingly being used commercially for a variety of different roles besides their primary purpose for moving people around golf courses. The electric golf buggies that we used during our golfing trip were all equipped with 5 seats and could carry several golf bags in the back. We found that we could travel between tees within minutes and this really benefited our group as were slow to move around the course overall. Electric golf buggies are powered by an electric motor and can operate over grass and mud as well as road surfaces very effectively.

In terms of price the electric golf cart is actually becoming far more affordable than it has been previously. One of the main reasons for this is has been an increase in demand for the golf cart overall. One of the main factors that has driven this rise in demand has been its use within a variety of different environments. In the United States it is not uncommon to see electric golf karts being used within summer camps as well as in communities in order to move people around quickly but without the pollution of a car.



What Are The Main Benefits Of Electric Golf Carts

There are a number of different benefits to electric golf buggies. One of the main benefits of electric golf buggies is mobility. Electric golf buggies are highly mobile and can move people considerable distances without the need for frequent refuelling/recharging. Another key benefit to electric golf carts is they have very little impact on the environment. Due to being powered by an electric motor golf carts leave very little marks on the environment and are not noisy thanks to their electric motor. This makes them well suited to the golf course and has contributed to why they are often being bought in different locations where they are not being used for golf courses.




Overall to conclude there are a number of points that can be stated about electric golf buggies. They are overall a highly mobile and reliable platform for moving people and small amounts of items across small to medium distances for low cost

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