How To Create More Space In The Kitchen

Make Use Of The Walls

You can also make use of your kitchen walls for storage. Pegboards can be added to the wall, or you can purchase one that has been designed for use on the wall. These are easy to install and add a flexible storage area to your kitchen. You can even customize your pegboard to fit your needs.


Another easy storage solution is to install hooks on your cabinets. These make your kitchen accessories look pretty, while also freeing up space on your counters. You can also use a large chopping board over your kitchen sink to add extra work space. These can come in many different materials, so you can find one that suits your kitchen’s style.

Tilt-Down Drawer

A tilt-down drawer at the sink can be used to store small items. You can also install a pot rack over your kitchen sink. This can also serve as an extra storage spot for pots and pans. You can even install a small-scale lazy Susan under your sink to store frequently used items.

Organise Utensils

Another idea is to use trays to organize your utensils. This makes it easier to find what you need and helps to keep groupings together. You can even make a floating spice rack using magnetic strips.

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