Review of Authentic North Indian Restaurant Merchant City

The Dhabba is North Indian restaurant located in Glasgow’s Merchant City, claiming to serve truly authentic North Indian food that is different from any other Indian dining experience in the city. Anyone living in Glasgow will know that Indian food is one of the most popular cuisines available to city, with a restaurant or takeaway on almost every street. Over the years Indian restaurants of Glasgow have structured their menus to include all the local favourites such as Tikka Masala, Korma, Bhuna and Patia however resulting in every restaurant offering the same experience and although it is one that is broadly enjoyed, it is one that has fallen quite far from its Indian roots. The Dhabba is an Indian restaurant Merchant City that breaks away from the Glasgow tradition and brings diners a truly authentic experience that is not very different from dhabbas located in India.

What is a Dhabba?

“Dhabba” is the name commonly given to roadside diners in North India. These are family run establishments that prepare dishes that have been passed down for generations thus offering a true taste of Indian heritage. As dhabbas have been around for many years, news about the delicious food spread from the roadsides into the large cities and beyond. Eventually dhabbas were being recreated throughout India and the rest of the world.

Authentic North Indian Restaurant Merchant City

In 2002, the owners of The Dhabba brought to Scotland for the very first time real North Indian cuisine in its finest form. In keeping with the theme of authenticity The Dhabba takes its name from the legendary roadside eateries, highlighting the fact that dishes served in this Merchant City restaurant are not the typical Glaswegian favourites but instead are recipes that have been refined over hundreds of years, passed down through generations and finally served on Scottish soil. The traditional menu is prepared with fresh Scottish ingredients and spices from India, offering diners an experience they are unlikely to forget.

What Makes the Food from the Dhabba so Special?

Not only is this dining experience one that is truly unique to Scottish inhabitants due to the dishes on offer but also offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere with staff that experts on and passionate about the food that they serve. The Dhabba is a family run business serving some of the most delicious dishes known to Glasgow. An example of the delightful food available is Dum Pukht. This style of cookinjg is traced back to the 17th and 18th centuries in the Northern region of India. The phrase “Dum Pukht” can be translated as “breathe” and “cook” and the reasoning behind its name lies within the method. It is a process of slow-cooking food in its own juices by sealing the ingredients into a deep pot with a lid made out of dough. This North Indian restaurant Merchant City is one not to be missed.

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