The Key To An Organised And Happy Kitchen

Kitchens can be hectic places to prepare food at the best of times and require a considerable amount of upkeep and attention in order to stay organised overall There are lots of different factors that can affect kitchens overall and how well kept/ effective they are overall. There are several key changes and improvements that can be made to a kitchen to improve it overall.

Organisation And Safety.

Two factors that are both closely aligned within a kitchen environment are organisation and safety. A kitchen needs to be organised and well kept in order to be a safe working and cooking environment. One of the biggest hazards that can affect kitchens is unclean surfaces. In order to tackle this issue it is important to wash any surfaces after food preparation in order to protect food from harmful bacteria and germs. In terms of organisation it is vital that items are labelled and put in correct containers in order to prevent cross contamination. Cross contamination is when food with allergens present contaminates a food without allergens and if someone with allergies consumes this it could be potentially fatal. Labelling food is an important step that can be taken that can prevent this from happening in the first place. Food within a kitchen environment should typically be split up into sections in a fridge or freezer eg meat section , veg section , dairy section etc.


Managing A Kitchen

When working in a kitchen whether commercially or at home it is important to ensure that whoever else in the kitchen who is working with you knows their role and what part they can play in the process overall. Managing a kitchen means managing people and ensuring that food hygiene is kept to high standards. This means that all staff should be washing their hands regularly. In addition to this dangerous objects and hazards such as knives and hot pans should be recognised as hazards and treated with care and caution overall. The key to managing a kitchen overall is ensuring that items are stored in secure containers , are labelled and cooked to the correct standards. Even small mistakes within a kitchen could potentially have serious consequences for those eating the food.


How To Improve The Kitchen Overall

Overall there are a variety of different ways in which your kitchen can be improved overall. One of the key ways in which a kitchen can be improved overall is purchasing new kitchen equipment. Often after a period of years kitchen equipment can become old and worn out and as a result it may not work as effectively. E.g and old fridge or freezer. Another way in which the kitchen can be improved overall is establishing a cleaning routine. Establishing a cleaning routine is important as a kitchen which is unclean can lead to the build up of bacteria and other health hazards. Furthermore , if a kitchen is not kept clean and food scraps are found on the floor then this could lead to a rodent problem. Overall to conclude kitchens require constant upkeep and attention to detail in order to be kept running efficiently and safely overall.

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