Things to Consider When Hiring a Damp Specialist Glasgow

If you suspect that you may have a damp issue in your home, then your first point of action may be to call in a damp specialist in Glasgow. This is usually the best way to go about it as damp can be notoriously sneaky. Sometimes it’s impossible to understand the full extent of the problem. However, hiring a professional and experienced damp specialist in Glasgow is essential to make sure that the problem is solved first time and that you aren’t getting miss-sold services that you don’t need.

Have You Taken All the Right Steps to Try and Fix the Problem?

Some issues with damp can actually be treated by yourself. Depending on how serious the problem is. For example, if the issue is with a leakin

g drainpipe, then it may be wise to get the drain pipe fixed and see if you experience anymore problems. If you can’t think of anything that may help solve the problem, then a damp specialist in Glasgow should be your first port of call.



Do You Know Someone Who Can Give You Advice Before Calling in the Professionals?

Now, I’m not talking about Dave down the road, who builds cars with old pieces of scrap metal (unless he has knowledge with damp in the home, of course.) Ask someone who maybe has a past dealing with issues like this or at least some knowledge about it.

Is the Damp Specialist in Glasgow You Are Considering Reputable?

If you are looking into damp specialists in Glasgow, it is essential to ensure that they are reputable before deciding to hire them. A website or Facebook profile may look good from the surface but without credible reviews, you have no idea if they are the real deal or not. If you stumble across a profile that has absolutely no reviews, then you may want to think twice.

Despite this modern age, not all companies are up-to-date online yet. This doesn’t make them terrible. If you find a company that looks promising but they have no reviews, you can always get in contact with them and ask for client testimonials.



Do They Have the Right Qualifications?

Ensuring that the damp specialist in Glasgow that you choose has the correct and up-to-date qualifications to carry out the work that needs done is extremely important. These days, anyone can make a website or a Facebook profile with very little effort. It’s easy to make something look professional and legitimate when it’s not. You shouldn’t feel rude about asking to see their qualifications, they should be more than happy to provide them for you.


If you get a bad feeling when speaking to a damp specialist in Glasgow over the phone or even in general, then it’s best to avoid. Sometimes there can be no warning signs, apart from a gut feeling and if something doesn’t feel right, it’s not worth the risk.

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