Top 5 Fast Food Chains in Scotland and Glasgow

If you’re interested in what is the most popular fast food restaurant in Glasgow or are looking for reliable quality in Scotland, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll discuss the top three fast food chains based on quality, value and popularity, including McDonalds, Subway, and Greggs. Each has a unique flavour and has become a popular lunch choice among UK consumers. But how do these places measure up? Here’s a look at how they stack up against the competition! Then you can decide which one’s right for you.


McDonald’s first opened its doors in the United Kingdom in 1974 in Woolwich, London. It has since expanded to over 1,270 locations in the UK. Despite being larger than most similar nations, the UK has fewer McDonald’s restaurants per capita than other countries. In 2014, the United States had the most McDonald’s restaurants per capita, while the UK had only 19.1.


In 2010, the UK was the biggest market for Subway sandwiches. There were more outlets than any other sandwich chain in the UK. However, some franchisees felt that their business was being adversely affected by the new regulations. Subway quickly responded by introducing new health-related measures in its stores. In June, franchisees were still worried about the future of the company, but CEO John Chidsey told Forbes that the company was optimistic about its future and that it had bounced back from its recent setbacks in China.


While Greggs is still the largest bakery chain in the UK, the company has expanded to the point where it has more outlets than McDonald’s. Founded in the Thirties in Tyneside, the company was once a small shop with a bakery at the back. The company expanded, however, when John Gregg’s son, Ian, decided to leave his law career to turn the small family business into a huge chain.

Five Guys

The menu at Five Guys fast food outlets in the UK is relatively similar to the menus of its American counterparts. Cheeseburgers, fries, and shakes are the mainstays of the menu. Although portions are generally smaller, Five Guys doesn’t skimp on quality. In addition to their menus, the UK locations offer a selection of beer, while American outlets don’t. A trip to any Five Guys location in the UK is sure to leave you satisfied and feeling refreshed.


Despite the infamous reputation of fast food, Asian cuisine is often considered healthy and delicious. Wagamama hopes to change this perception of unhealthy eating and bring a unique Asian sensibility to the UK. In the UK, we have come to associate fast food with greasy burgers and cholesterol-inducing kebabs. The company’s partnership with UK Youth is one example of its commitment to helping young people develop new skills and break down barriers. It has pledged to make 2021 the year of positive action.

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