Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive


Implementing marble into your kitchen can instantly make your space look more luxurious and expensive. You can find some budget-friendly faux marble tiles on the market, or you can use a roll of marble stick-back and place it over the wall areas. This is an incredibly cost-effective way of incorporating marble into your kitchen space.


Lighting is incredibly important for any part of the house. It can change the whole look and theme of the area depending on the lamp shades, and the tone of the lighting. Having some lavish lampshades on the ceiling can transform a kitchen to look expensive. Even spotlights can do the same, and you can buy stick-on spotlights to place under cabinets, from places like Amazon or Ebay that adds a cosy light to the space.


Neutral colours make spaces look elegant and modern. Cream, beige, and stone are all neutral shades that can make a home look cosy, as well as expensive. In a kitchen, colours like white can make the area look bigger but you can add some bold colours into the mix like black utilities to add a bit of character.


Making sure that everything has a place, either in cabinets, cupboards, or pantries will keep any kitchen looking clean and decluttered. Kitchens that look expensive are often minimalistic and no crockery is on show; with drawers and cabinets closed.

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