How To Keep Your Home Organised

Get Rid Of Clutter

Even one small messy spot can make an entire area look and feel chaotic. To keep your home organised, you need to clear clutter regularly.

Organising with less stuff is easier and often more sustainable than organising with more. Plus, you’ll save money on a lot of organising products if you don’t buy them to start with!

Storage System

Creating a storage system is an important step when it comes to organising your home. Having easily accessible storage can make all the difference in motivating you to put things away when you’re finished with them.

Using bins and drawer organisers can help you maintain your organisation, and it’s a good idea to keep things that you use often at eye-level, such as cotton swabs in the bathroom or cookbooks on the kitchen counter. Keeping a space for frequently used items like keys, bags and umbrellas is also a good idea.

Put Things Away

Professional organisers say that creating a home organisation system is the best way to ensure your house stays clean. They recommend focusing on one area at a time to make the process less overwhelming and more manageable.

Stone says that an in-one/out-one rule is also a great organisational trick, as it helps you get rid of old items and keeps like items together. It also prevents clutter build-up.

Organise Drawers

Having your drawers and cupboards organised is key to keeping your home tidy. Use drawer dividers to create sections for different items, and label them so you can easily put things back in their proper place.

“If you have a drawer that’s overflowing with socks, make it a priority to donate the ones that don’t fit or you no longer wear,” Joanna Wirick, life and home professional organiser at Joanna Organize, tells Woman’s Day. The same goes for messy kitchen drawers—organise your space with a system that makes it easy to put away utensils, cooking tools, and other necessities.

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