What Are Kitchen Splashbacks?

A splashback sits behind a sink or hob area and repels cooking oil, grease and food stains from your wall. They can be made from many materials.

The choice of kitchen splashback material will depend on the style you are looking for. Glass can create a sleek modern look, while tiles and timber offer more of a traditional and authentic effect.

You can visit a showroom or research kitchen splashbacks to choose the right style for your kitchen.


Tile kitchen splashbacks are cost-effective, simple to clean and a versatile design choice. They work well with a range of kitchen colour schemes, and can be designed to stand out or blend into the background.

However, tiles tend to gather food splatters in the grout lines and may need regular cleaning, whereas a glass splashback won’t be harmed by steam or condensation. The simplest way to keep your kitchen splashback looking fresh is by using a squeegee or soft, lint-free cloth.


A kitchen splashback is a protective layer to keep your walls clean from food splatters and oil drips. But it is also a stylish statement piece that can complement your kitchen’s theme and colour palette. While tiles are the traditional kitchen splashback, glass and stainless steel can add a modern touch to your cooking area.

Glass splashbacks are currently at the top of the kitchen design trend and offer a superior finish. Available in a wide range of colours, prints and glazing options, they can be tailored to suit any home decor.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel kitchen splashbacks are modern and hard-wearing. They come in a variety of colours and are easy to clean.

They’re also hygienic because they don’t harbour bacteria. Unlike tiles which are prone to collecting food splatters in their grout lines, a stainless steel kitchen splashback simply wipes clean.

Kitchen utensil rails can be hung above a stainless steel kitchen splashback to keep your knives, spoons and spatulas handy and out of reach of children. Made from aluminium or stainless steel, they can be drilled or screwed into place above your sink or hob.


Kitchen splashbacks make a stylish addition to any modern kitchen. They protect walls and help to repel stains, making it much easier to clean the kitchen. They come in a variety of colours, designs and materials. Traditionally they were made of tiles but nowadays there is a choice of glass, acrylic and stainless steel kitchen splashbacks.

Tiled kitchen splashbacks are still one of the most popular choices due to their versatility. They can be custom-made in a range of patterns including basket weave, listello and Versailles. They can also be clad in larger tiles to create an intricate mosaic or small tiles to form a herringbone design. 

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